Meet The Team

Vestige Directors & Senior Team

  • Sian Block

    Director of Commercial Operations

  • Lucy Stupple

    Chief Operating Officer

  • David Madeley

    Chief Financial Officer

Service Directors

  • Christina Chiduwa

    Service Director at West Bromwich

  • Kerry Preston-Carr

    Home Manager at Nuneaton


  • Sarah Duncombe

    Finance Support

  • Matthew McCann

    Finance Support

Vestige: Nuneaton

  • Joseph McKeever

    Team Leader

Vestige: West Bromwich

    Vestige: MDT/Aux

    • Fiona Scally

      Lead Occupational Therapist

    • Janmar Ferraren

      Occupational Therapy Assistant

    • Ioannis Zeppos


    • Trish Matambo

      Assistant Psychologist