Aims and Objectives

To provide a much-needed service for people with complex mental health needs

Our Units

Vestige Healthcare provides a much-needed service for people with complex mental health needs who typically fall between Secure/Acute/PICU and traditional rehabilitation services.

High Dependency Support offers a secure, person-centred alternative to existing provision.

Vestige Healthcare will:

  • A place of safety; a therapeutic environment that is committed to relational security and compassionate care
  • A collaborative recovery framework, optimise medication regimes and minimise side -effects
  • A positive risk-based approach to enhance coping strategies, improve emotional and skill development, expand analytical and problem-solving capabilities.
  • A psychologically informed environment: a trauma-informed service offering therapeutic treatment to adults who have typically presented with difficulties that have challenged the rehabilitation process
  • A ongoing support service where we empower people to develop the skills and abilities required to achieve as independent a life as possible. Aiming to support everyone to reach their full potential whilst optimising their mental health
  • Care and treatment within a person-centred approach, which is inclusive of and responsive to our service user needs and wishes

Vestige Healthcare serves a local population that includes residents of the West Midlands, Coventry and Warwickshire as well as individuals who have been placed in long term care in out of area facilities due to historical lack of provision for this client group.

Our Organisational Values

We uphold a strong set of organisational values and have a clear strategy for improving the care to people with additional needs and mental health concerns reflected in our strategic aims.

V Vision

E Equality

S Steps

T Thrive

I Innovation

G Growth

E Embark

  • Vision -

    A new vision in healthcare.

  • Equality -

    Equal treatment of both Mental health and autism whilst respecting individuals regardless of age, race, sexual orientation, religion or belief, disability and gender.

  • Steps -

    Our model of care incorporates several phases which includes therapy, education, living skills, employment and community participation as well as encouraging and supporting young people with understanding of physical and sexual health and the importance of healthy relationships.

  • Thrive -

    Using evidence-based tools and our own published research to demonstrate our new vision of healthcare really enhances the life and well-being of the people we support by enabling them to achieve key life milestones.

  • Innovation -

    We aim not only to be a specialist provider in our field but also a research-based institute where opportunities for interacting with the rest of the world within our field is a key area of our growth and development, we will lead on new technology interventions that not only enhance the care and treatment we provide but will also improve on integrated working with our key stakeholders to further develop our service provision.

  • Growth -

    We will remain in a constant state of flux where we develop a new kind of workforce where staff will have and be trained in new skills giving them opportunity to develop in their careers, we will grow our services based on the individuals that we provide care and treatment too as well as ensure they are financially viable for the future.

  • Embark -

    We believe in people and in the value of relationships enabling our people in our care to move beyond mental health services, into the wider community and to engage in meaningful occupation, vocation, education friendships and relationships as well as improved mental health.

Our Objectives

Objective One:

We will provide a high quality of care for all our service users. By adopting an evidenced based, NICE compliant approach we will provide a range of therapeutic approaches to care and treatment that meet the needs of a disparate group of service users. At the same time, we strive to meet the aims and objectives of person-centred approaches and collaboration and co-production.

We provide a psychologically informed environment where we support service users to manage the complex nature of their conditions, so they become less reliant on self-harming behaviours, challenging behaviours and overall become more independent in life skills and self-management of their conditions. We ensure that we meet the needs of those service users who present risks of harm and those with behaviours of distress through a formulated, relationally secure, clinically sound approach to patient care and positive behaviour support.

Objective Two:

Maintain fidelity to our Care Pathway and Model of Care and deliver a range of needs-led, multi-disciplinary treatments and interventions aimed at safe, planned step-down and discharge. We will engage with those service users whose needs require more than can be offered by existing in-patient services by offering intensive, evidence-based psychological therapies and therapeutic activities, such as, when appropriate, Cognitive Analytic therapy (CAT), Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), Dialectic Behaviour Therapy (DBT), Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR), Occupational Therapy, Positive Behaviour support and mindfulness as well as any other established evidence based and NICE compliant interventions.

Objective Three:

Ensure that living environments remain dignified and respectful and underpinned by psychological principles; ensuring we treat people who use our service with the unconditional positive regard they deserve. We are committed to relational security and providing compassionate care delivered by appropriately skilled and qualified staff at all times. It is essential that our service users live in a safe, homely environment whilst we work in partnership with them to develop emotional, interpersonal and practical skills.

Our services are not intended to be lifelong placements but rather enable people to engage meaningfully in care and treatment that will empower them to move on from the services with greater self-control and independence.

We are particularly concerned with the historical experiences of the people in our care, especially the impact of physical and relational trauma, and how that informs personality development alongside the onset and maintenance of more recognisable symptoms of challenging behaviour and mental health difficulties.

Vestige Healthcare has experience of assessing and caring for individuals with complex difficulties, both in in-patient and community settings. We are committed to working with service users and responsible clinicians and the multi-disciplinary team in order to provide excellent care and treatment, whilst maintaining safety with the least restrictive methods.